Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three reasons I gave Homicide Watch money

I am no Clay Shirky, guys, but here is my schpeel. Read it and back their Kickstarter, please.

1) Laura and Chris are two amazing human beings.

I may call a lot of people great and awesome, but these two….I met Laura at a fellowship last year. She wowed every single mentor and every single entrepreneur there with her spirit and her passion toward her project. I met Chris slightly later and he is no less awe-inspiring.

In an industry full of cut-backs and bankruptcies, it’s nice to have people with energy around.

2) Simple, amazing reporting.

I told someone yesterday about backing them on Kickstarter and they mentioned how impossible it seems that this crew gets so much information about each and every murder. But they do. Because they are not only amazing human beings, but they have a simple, fresh and unique way of reporting. Something I wish all reporters did.

3) Innovation on any level needs to be funded.

God Bless the Knight News Challenge, but some things don’t need $1 million. Some things need less. We need to find a way to fund medium-scale projects. I’m part of a newsroom that gets large foundations to help fund our journalism, but I’d like to be part of an ecosystem that funds all amazing journalism. $50? I can afford that.