Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Hunt for Social Media Monitoring

(Argh. I just wrote half of this, only to X out of the window, let’s try again.)

Part of my job in social media is to do a little monitoring, and to do so, I need some sort of analytics to pull from. We could use Google Analytics or some hodge podge of other things, but I was hoping something out there would work as a social media monitoring tool.

This is an epic adventure. So, to save someone else time and heartbreak, I’ll chronicle it here.

In case you’re wondering, here’s my wishlist for whatever we go with:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Measure monthly, as well as real-time
  • Measures Twitter with stats on mentions and RTs per story and overall for the month/week/day
  • Measures our Facebook Fan page in terms of fans and maybe interactions (this might not be possible bc Facebook has no API)
  • Also tracks convos across the web

The No-Way-Joses

SociafyQ Logo

SociafyQ (Free)

The Pros: It’s free. It also does have access to our Facebook fan page, though it only counts fans.

The Cons: Twitter doesn’t go beyond anything besides followers. The site says it tracks RTs but I can’t find any evidence of this.

Social Radar (No Idea)

The Pros: Curates a TON of content

The Cons: Content mentions are not the crux of what we need. Although Social Radar does a lot of analysis, it’s more for brands, than news orgs.

Trendrr ($999/mo)

The Pros: Like Social Radar, it is a great buzz meter.

The Cons: Really? $999 a month? eh. no.

Scout Labs ($249/mo and up)

The Pros: One of the more robust conversation managers I’ve seen. Built for teams, not individuals.

The Cons: No social media analytics and you can’t track your accounts, just mentions.

Radian6 ($600/mo)

The Pros: Radian6 seems to be the market leader for social media marketing.

The Cons: There is just no way we can afford this.

SocialSense (No Idea)

The Pros: Man there is a lot of info on this site.

The Cons: I watched the video and still have no sense of what they track and what they don’t.

The Maybes

KeenKong (free, in beta)

The Pros: A really well done conversation manager. You can look at the sentiment, then the kind of post, then the network size.

The Cons: This was my favorite of the conversation managers, but I’ll save it for down the line.

Sysomos (No Idea)

The Pros: A manager that is owned by Marketwire. Heartbeat, the smaller of the two apps, might have what we need…but I can’t see a demo or anything on the site.

The Cons: I might call, although I’m not sold on it.

The I’ll-Test-This-Outs

Swix ($9/mo)

The Pros: You can track everything from Google Analytics, to social media, to videos.

The Cons: It’s missing the Twitter interaction count, though on Twitter, a rep said that that might be coming into play soon.

PostRank ($9/mo)

The Pros: There’s been a lot of buzz about this because of their Google Reader plugin. It’s a great, well designed app.

The Cons: There is no tracking of fan pages and although you can see Twitter interactions per page or post, there’s no aggregate monthly.

ViralHeat ($10/mo and up)

The Pros: You can search for a term or terms, then it shows the twitter mentions, facebook fan posts an etc.

The Cons: There’s no way for me to filter out our own Fan pages or look at interaction on just the Fan pages we are in charge of. Same for Twitter.

The Conclusion

I really like the three we’ve got to test and I think one of them might work, but I don’t know that any of them offer the exact solution I’m looking for.

If anyone has recommendations, I’d sure appreciate them….


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